Continuing Professional Development; Reflective Practice Statements (RPS)

Full Accreditation

For your annual CBT related CPD you are expected to engage in a minimum of five activities drawn from across the range of listed acceptable types of learning and development activities.

You are required to complete a separate reflective statement for each.

Within this, you are required to include at least six hours of CBT skills workshop(s) per year and complete reflective statements for these.

You must be able to provide evidence for each activity.

The CPD RPS forms and guidelines of range of activities with examples, are included below.


The final details of the CPD requirements for the new reaccreditation process are currently being decided on by the BABCP Board. As they are likely to be largely the same as current standards – and as for Full Accreditation above – we recommend that you continue to follow these guidelines and record on the forms provided here until the new process is formally launched later in 2017, when full updated reaccreditation guidelines will be published.

Reflective Statements

CPD Reflective Statement

you must provide 5 CPD Reflective Statements for each year

CPD Reflective Statement

Guidelines and Examples of CPD Reflective Practice Statements

This example is an aid to completing Reflective Practice Statements

Guidelines and Example of CPD Reflective Practice Statements

CBT CPD Reflective Statement Example 1

This example is an aid to completing the CPD Reflective Statement Document

CBT CPD Reflective Statement Example 1

Accredited members should begin using the new CPD system from the next time their annual Accreditation date/month falls- after the new system was introduced.

So for example;

The new system began on 1st March 2014.

If the members Accreditation was 27th August 2012 to 27th August 2017 (5 years) then they would switch from August 2014 onwards.

This means the transition is from the member’s year end- to year end.

In this example the member would then have two years on the old CPD logs system (August 2012 to August 2014) and three years on the new system (August 2014 to August 2017).

Therefore until your own switch over time- please continue using the historic CPD log forms below.