Accreditation Fees

How to Pay

Payment of Accreditation fees can be made by cheque or debit/credit card.

Payment by cheque

Please include your cheque for the relevant amount with your application, marking clearly on the reverse your name and what the payment is intended for.

Payment by card

Please enclose a written note with your application indicating your wish to pay by debit/credit card. Ensure you include a contact telephone number. A member of the administration staff will contact you by phone for the details.

Please note: We are unable to accept payment by American Express. We are unable to take payment before the application has been received

CBP Accreditation

Current fee
Application fee for Provisional Accreditation £120
Application fee for Level 2 Provisional Accreditation £120
Application fee for Provisional Accreditation WITH KSA £168
Application fee for Full Accreditation £50
Application fee for Provisional Re-instatement of Accreditation £72
Application fee for Full Re-instatement of Accreditation £50
Fee for replacement Accreditation certificate (to cover administration costs) £10


Application fee for Supervisor £60 (interim fee)

Administration & Annual Upkeep

Fee for 12 Month Check £20
Annual Administration fee for CBT Practitioner Accreditation maintenance £45
Annual Subscription fee for CBT Register website listing £110


Course Accreditation On application