BABCP Accreditation

BABCP offers accreditation for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists, Supervisors, Trainers and Psychological Wellbeing practitioners. BABCP also accredits CBT training courses at two levels.

Before applying for accreditation you must first be a fully paid up BABCP member. To join visit:

News and Updates

Advance Notice: New Accreditation Phone Service Times – from 31st October.

Following feedback from members and with more resource in place, we are pleased to give you prior notice of an increase to the service offering

BABCP members-only phone sessions at different times on three different days of the week:

Until (and including) Wednesday 26th October, the service will continue on Wednesday 2-4pm.

From Monday 31st October, the new timetable will commence:

Mondays 10am-12pm

Tuesdays 1pm-3pm and

Thursdays 2pm-4pm

The spread of the new service means there will only be one Accreditation Officer available to take calls during each session – and this could affect availability and waiting times when busy. These changes will be reviewed after three months.

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBP)
Level 2 Provisional Accreditation

Following discussion between Course Accreditation Committee and CBT Practitioner Accreditation Committee it has been agreed that a variation be made to the process for those graduating from Level 2 accredited CBT trainings which will make the provisional accreditation application stage more simple.

This process will enable graduates of Level 2 accredited trainings to make application for provisional accreditation either at the end of their course, or in the immediate aftermath of leaving the course prior to becoming established in a CBT position and without having to provide any supervision evidence or supervisor/professional reference reports.

The new process will require applicants to provide evidence of;

  1. Core professional training or KSA
  2. Accountability to a senior for a period of one year after completion of either:-
  3. Core professional training or after date of the final piece of evidence used towards KSA
  4. Confirmation of Level 2 course attended and completed and;
  5. Declaration for submission of full accreditation within 18 months – (and other declarations as itemised on the Level 2 provisional accreditation application form.)

Courses will generate lists of those who have completed Level 2 courses – and these lists will be used by BABCP accreditation to check against applications from such graduates. Applications will be accepted only from graduates whose names have been passed to BABCP by courses.

Once provisional accreditation has been awarded via this route, successful applicants will have a period of 12 to 18 months to submit for full accreditation in line with declaration signed.

This process is now open to those graduating from a BABCP level 2 course from 2016 onwards.

Please click on the CBP Level 2 Provisional Accreditation tab on the left hand side of this page to access the application form and Criteria and guidelines.


Expressions of interest are invited for a new title which is being offered by the Association of ‘Extended Practitioner Accreditation’.

The title will be available to applicants whose CBT Practitioner Accreditation has lapsed by virtue of their ceasing clinical practise, but who are continuing to offer supervision and/or training. It will apply for a period of two years from the date of the last client session or from formal notification to relinquish accreditation.

There will also be a restriction to individuals who are providing supervision/training on Accredited courses, since these are the only circumstances in which CBT Practitioner Accreditation is actually a requirement. All other supervisors and trainers whose Accreditation has lapsed will continue to be able to provide those services.

To avoid any misunderstanding, this new service is NOT restricted to those who are Supervisor and/or Trainer Accredited, though of course these would also lapse in the event of stopping clinical practice.

Please send your request to the BABCP Accreditation Liaison Officers at with the subject line “Extended practitioner accreditation” in the first instance, stating when you ceased clinical practice and when would like the two year period to commence. Please provide information on how many hours of ongoing practice in supervision and/or training you expect to be providing and with which course(s) you are associated.

Thank you for your interest.

Accreditation Services
October 2016

Accreditation Enquiries Policy

The current BABCP policy is for all Accreditation-related enquiries to be made via the Accreditation Contact form

This is for two reasons.

Firstly, email contact provides a record of the communication that can be referred back to, which is often needed in the case of complex detailed enquiries.

Secondly, it is a resource issue in terms of efficient allocation of accreditation department resources to various areas and to keep costs down.

Following consultation with the membership, however, BABCP also provides a Members telephone service for Accreditation queries. The service is facilitated by Accreditation Liaison Officers (ALOs) in the Bury office.

It is expected that members will have already consulted the information and guidelines available on the BABCP website for answers to basic queries before utilising this service. The ALOs do not expect applicants to use the service to ask basic application or administration questions about the process.

Initially the service is available between 2.00pm and 4.00 pm on Wednesdays only.

To use the service, please call 0161 705 4304 then press option 1.

For non member enquiries, please send an email via the Accreditation Contact Form.