Course Accreditation

Making an Application

Courses offering training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can apply to BABCP for Accreditation.

They can be accredited as a course that provides some, or all, of the training necessary to contribute towards an individual becoming BABCP accredited as a CBT therapist.

Courses can apply for Accreditation at different levels:

BABCP Level 1 Accredited Courses

Level 1 courses meet BABCP's quality of training criteria. The course has a clear statement of the amount of CBT training provided which will count towards an individual's accreditation as an individual CBT practitioner.

A list of CBT courses that have successfully achieved level 1 accreditation can be found here:

BABCP Level 1 Accredited Course List

BABCP Level 2 Accredited Courses

The course provides all the necessary training so that on graduation from Level 2 courses, individuals will have received the training required to fulfil BABCP's Minimum Training Standards.

However, graduates will also have to meet additional criteria to gain individual practitioner accreditation. For example, they will need to demonstrate that they are continuing to use CBT, have appropriate supervision, engage in appropriate CBT and adhere to BABCP Standards of Conduct Performance and Ethics.

To the right of this page you can download the course accreditation process document and assessment table.

A list of CBT courses that have successfully achieved level 2 accreditation can be found:

BABCP Level 2 Accredited Course List

BABCP / IAPT Accredited Courses

BABCP is working with IAPT and the IAPT Accreditation Oversight Group to accredit all high intensity training courses set up under the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme.

More information can be found:

BABCP / IAPT Level 2 High Intensity Accredited Course List