Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) Accreditation


BABCP is currently considering options for how best to provide future support of PWP and low intensity workers more generally. The Board took advice from CBT Practitioner Accreditation Committee and based on their recommendation, took the decision at its meeting of 9 March 2017, that new PWP Accreditation will no longer be offered. The Board also took into account comments from the new Low Intensity SIG.

Current holders of PWP Accreditation will remain accredited until the date at which their re-accreditation would have been due – at which point it will lapse.

PWPs will not therefore be invited to engage in the new process for Maintaining Quality and Standards of Practice (MQSP). The annual £15 maintenance fee would still apply until accreditation lapses.

In due course, the Board would like to gain feedback from those who have been PWP accredited, as well as from other interested parties, concerning any possible future developments. It is possible that any new forms of accreditation may focus on curricula in IAPT and other home nations plus Ireland, in order to reflect Low Intensity practice, rather than PWP work alone.

PWP Refund Policy

A full refund of membership fees will be available for those who have had less than 3 months of membership benefits by the 9 March 2017.

Members who have received 3 months or more of membership benefits by the date of the PWP cessation announcement of the 9 March 2017 will not be eligible for a refund of their membership fee.

For PWP Accreditation refunds the process is the same.

If the member has been accredited for at least 3 months by the date of the PWP Accreditation cessation announcement of 9 March 2017 a refund of fees will not be available for either; the assessment processing fee (£90) or on-going annual maintenance fee (£15).

But if the member has been PWP Accredited for less than 3 months by the cessation announcement date of 9 March 2017 then the annual £15 maintenance fee can be refunded.

PWP Resource Documents

These documents are not intended for use when making an application for PWP or PWP reaccreditation as these process are no longer available. The following documents are provided for reference only.

Accredited PWP Courses

The list of Accredited PWP training courses and training providers can be found at:

PWP Course Accreditation Status [External Link]

PWP Resource

Sample Logs and Reports

Useful Documents

These documents are included for reference

IAPT PWP Supervision Document:
Reach Out

Reach Out

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National Curriculum Document

PWP National Curriculumn

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