Trainer Accreditation

This application is now open to those CBT Practitioners who have been fully accredited for 3 years or more.

Trainer Accreditation Routes A and B have now been discontinued. Trainer Accreditation will no longer incorporate simultaneous Practitioner Accreditation or Reaccreditation. These changes are in line with the recent announcement of the suspension of BABCP reaccreditation process, and a move to a new Annual Online process of reaccreditation.

We hope to have the online application forms available in the next few months, but until that time, all applications will need to be completed on the paper forms, and sent as hard copies to the office.

Application Documents

Application Form

You must complete ALL relevant sections of the form and it should be signed within one month prior to receipt at BABCP office.

(Please click "enable editing" on top of the form to view the form correctly)


Refer to this for an example of how to complete this form.

Trainer Reference

Trainer Reference Form

This must be completed by your Training supervisor. This must be signed within 3 months of the application.

Trainer Reference Form

Sample Trainer Reference Form

Refer to this for an example of how to complete this form.

Sample Trainer Reference Form

Trainer CPD Reflective Statement

Trainer CPD Reflective Practice Statements

You are required to complete one reflective statement CPD related to your development as a trainer, for each year for the past two years. You also need to provide evidence for the activities which should be included with the application.

A list of possible trainer CPD activites is on page 8 of the Application Form.

Trainer CPD Reflective Statements

Training Evaluation Survey Form

Training Evaluation Form

This should be completed by between 2 and 5 of your supervisees and dated within 2 years of the application.

Training Evaluation Survey Form

Supervisor / Trainer Reaccreditation

Please be aware that BABCP is currently changing from a process of reaccreditation to a new methodology for reaccreditation through an annual online self-declaration of fulfilling the required standards of CBT practice, CBT supervision and CBT CPD.

You may have seen communications in which the new process was described as Maintaining Quality and Standards of Practice – MQSP. However, as part of the goal to have simpler and widely understood terminology, the BABCP Board has decided to retain the term reaccreditation to describe the new process. The aim of reaccreditation remains to help practitioners maintain quality and standards of their practice, however this term MQSP will no longer be used to label the process.

What this means for accredited members

The former, 5 year reaccreditation process was suspended in December 2016. Hence we are not currently accepting reaccreditation applications for Practitioner, Supervisor or Trainer accreditations.

All members who are due to reaccredit will remain accredited in all their current accreditations and on the register until the implementation of the new system later in 2017. Unfortunately the launch has been delayed due to the technical requirements of the new database and website being more complex than our supplier had originally allowed for.

No action need be taken by members in the meantime, but you will continue to pay your annual £45 reaccreditation fee on the anniversary of your accreditation

Once the system in launched, members will be notified by email a month in advance of the date they will need to make their online self declaration. This will be the anniversary date of their original award of accreditation.

For further information please see the FAQs link below, from Professor Chris Williams, BABCP President

FAQs concerning changes to the Reaccreditation process