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Back by popular demand!

Dr Russ Harris returns to the UK in 2015 to deliver two highly acclaimed workshops - his best-selling ACT Made Simple workshop and, new to the UK, an intensive ACT Boot Camp.

Russ Harris presents ACT in a truly accessible style, seamlessly weaving together theoretical knowledge and practical application. His workshops are entertaining and inspiring, brimming with thoughtful experiential exercises presented with clarity and authenticity.

Two-day INTERMEDIATE level ACT Made Simple workshop

Central London on 8th & 9th July

Boost your current practice with this extremely accessible popular 2-day workshop.

This INTERMEDIATE level workshop will cover case conceptualisation in both clinical and non-clinical populations: how to conceptualise any client problem in terms of the ACT model, from clinical disorders such as depression, anxiety, addiction to non-clinical issues such as work stress, performance anxiety, fear of failure and low self-confidence. It also covers working with mandated or coerced clients; getting unstuck (for both clients and therapists); ‘selling ACT’ to your clients; getting to values when your client says ‘I don’t know’; overcoming resistance and motivating the unmotivated; anger and resentment; compassion and forgiveness. This workshop is full of experiential exercises and shares fantastic tools for trans-diagnostic case conceptualisation, interrupting disruptive in-session behaviour, staying on track and using the model flexibly.

Registrants are required to have attended introductory level training.


Central London on 10th & 11th July

Take your ACT skills to the next level with this 2-day hands-on, skills-building “boot camp”.

In this 2-day intensive ‘hands-on’ workshop, you will get to play around with all sorts of useful tools, techniques and strategies, experiment with new ways of working, and discover for yourself just how creative, spontaneous, and adaptable ACT can be. You’ll see plenty of live demonstrations, and participate in numerous innovative exercises. You will get to do numerous role-play activities in dyads and triads, and experiment with creating, modifying and adapting ACT techniques to suit your own personal style. This will be challenging, engaging, and lots of fun! In particular, you’ll be exposed to brand new never-seen-before material from Russ’s forthcoming textbook, Sessions with IMPACT: Interpersonal Mindulness Skills in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. For example, you’ll learn how to use the four key IMPACT questions, and the ‘S.L.O.W’ technique to instigate, model and reinforce psychological fl exibility throughout every session, and how to rapidly spot and target ‘The Four Horsemen of Fusion & Avoidance’ - Gating, Baiting, Skating and Stating. So if you come prepared to apply yourself fully and leap in at the deep end, you will finish these two days with a big increase in your confidence about doing ACT.

Registrants are required to have attended intermediate level training.

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