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The following courses are not endorsed by BABCP and are accepted for advertising solely on the principle that they provide CBT training.

School of Schema Therapy

School of Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy Training for accreditation, 4 Day Workshops 2017

Schema therapy is an innovative form of psychological therapy, developed for people who have personality disorders and longstanding recurrent mental health problems. This approach devised by Jeffrey Young, has shown a theoretical expansion in the Netherlands leading to a broadening evidence base. The unique emotion focused nature of Schema Therapy has the capacity to treat personality disorder symptoms in addition to attachment problems past and present. By working to create differences on an automatic processing level via mode work, this enables clients to create in depth and lasting change in their lives. This approach is delivered in a wide range of healthcare settings internationally

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Charlie Waller

Charlie Waller Institute, University of Reading

Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies

This Certificate comprises 3x20 credit modules; the Introductory module, the Foundation skills modules and the Advanced Trauma module. Each module needs to be assessed and passed for the Certificate to be awarded. 80% attendance is required for each module if being assessed. See link for more details:

Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (OCTC)

OCTC is a specialist agency within Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, and collaborates on academic courses with the University of Oxford. OCTC specialises in CBT training and supervision, and offers a wide range of choices, including a programme of open workshops; courses leading to University of Oxford awards, aimed at everyone from beginners to advanced students; online training; and clinical supervision.

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