West Midlands Branch

Branch aims:

  • To provide local, affordable and appealing CPD to suit a range of practitioner experiences, competences and aspirations.

  • To provide an opportunity for local networking between CBT Practitioners

  • To represent CBT Practitioners working with a range of client groups including Children & Adolescents, Forensic and Adult Services as well as both employed and independent settings

  • To raise the profile of CBT within the region and to galvanise members’ interests.

  • To share developments of the clinical applications of CBT including third wave approaches and to share service developments and projects demonstrating effective practice in the region

  • To liaise with the BABCP on important issues

  • To allow members to discuss important professional issues within the context of delivering CBT

Elected Committee Members

Chair Jim Lucas
Secretary Paul Moloney & Glen Macklin
Treasurer Jo Gill
Branch Liaison Officer Jane DeRooy
Evening Talks Co-Ordinator Richard Bennett
Publicity Officer Linda Finch
Membership Secretary Sireen Elayan

To contact the branch please email: west-midlands@babcp.com


West Midlands Branch

7 December 2016

Delivering Group CBT

Presented by Dr Michael Scott


Midlands Arts Centre
Performance Room
Cannon Hill Park
B12 9QH

9.30am to 4.30pm

This workshop is now fully booked.