Research Fund

The aim of BABCP is to promote the theory and practice of behavioural and cognitive therapy. One of the ways we do this is to fund research from the money raised by your donations through Gift Aid, a conference levy and from other donors.

Applications 2017

Applications for the 2017 round of research grants are now open. The grants awarded from the Research Fund in 2016 were as follows -

(1) Dr Marion Cuddy (Kings College London) and Dr Katherine Rimes (Kings College London). A Pilot Study of a Group Intervention for Couples Affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

(2) Dr Katherine Berry (University of Manchester) and Professor Gillian Haddock (University of Manchester). Identifying and Overcoming Barriers Older People Face in Accessing CBT for Severe Mental Health Problems.

(3) Dr Anna Coughtrey (UCL) and Dr Sophie Bennett (UCL). Families Experiences of Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Behaviour Problems When a Child Has a Long-Term Physical Illness.

Grants depend on the monies raised from Gift Aid and is further supported by a contribution from Spring and Summer Conference registration fees. Additional income this year has been generated from donations associated with the sale of private indemnity insurance policies via a third party introducer agreement.

Please remember to Gift Aid your membership subscription fees on renewal.

Gift Aid

Thank you to everyone who does not reclaim his or her BABCP membership on the Tax Return and donates his or her tax relief to our Research Fund. It’s very easy to do – just complete the form that can be downloaded below.

Gift Aid Form

Leaving a Legacy

For further information on how to leave a legacy to the BABCP Research Fund follow the link below.

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