CBT Medics Special Interest Group


To support psychological minded practice by medical and psychiatric colleagues in primary and secondary care principally in the modality of CBT (formulation and techniques).


  • To promote awareness and knowledge of evidence based cognitive behavioural approaches amongst medical practitioners.

  • To encourage medical practitioners and other disciplines in the BABCP to join the SIG.

  • To promote a governed process to deliver competency-based CBT practice in medicine (UCL 2007).

  • To facilitate communication between the BABCP (the lead organisation for CBT), and the relevant Medical Royal College Committees.

  • To support and advise Medical Education bodies on the CBT training needs of medical practitioners through education, training and networking. (eg; co-opted membership of RCPsych Psychotherapy Faculty Executive and Faculty Education Committee and College Tutor system)

  • To support and advise the Royal College of Psychiatrists in delivering the required psychological training to junior doctors. (Case Base Discussion or Balint type groups, ARCP progression - SAPE and ACE), as supported by the GMC quality assurance.

  • To send a representative to represent our interests at the Spring BABCP Branch Liaison Meeting, give a report of activity.

  • To hold an AGM of the SIG at the BABCP annual conference and to hold two other meetings a year to meet the BABCP guide for a SIG.

Committee Members

Chair Nora Gribbin
Secretary Saju Padakkara


Contact the Equality & Culture Special Interest Group by emailing medics-sig@babcp.com