Couples Special Interest Group


  • Advance the theory and practice of behavioural and cognitive therapies with couples

  • Promotion of scientific research with couples in line with BABCP frameworks - Develop research ideas and collaborations

  • Promotion of the application of evidence based practice including assessment, therapy and consultancy regarding couples

  • Enhance membership of BABCP through providing a professional home to Behavioural Couple Therapists

  • Provide the opportunity and support for members who meet minimum criteria to become Accredited members of BABCP

  • Provide a forum for discussion of other matters relevant to working with couples among members

Committee Members

Chair Rosie Alvarez-Wisby
Chair Elect/Secretary Rosie Alverez-Wisby
Publicity Co-ordinator Dan Kolubinski
Treasurer Rozina Thaci
Branch Liaison Pavlo Kanellakis

Ordinary Members

Andre Geel

Laura McMurray

Natasha Liu-Thwaites

Katy Wood

Carla Swan

Randa Price


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