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Introduction to Training

This section provides information on training to become a CBT Therapist. This is updated whenever new information is available.

BABCP has a list of CBT training courses located around the UK

Training courses are separated into four sections, Accredited level 2, Accredited Level 1, Other Courses and Advertised Courses.

Level Two Course Accreditation indicates that the course has been assessed as providing training to the standards for Accreditation in respect of the number of training hours and supervision and number of assessed cases as laid down in the minimum training standards. In order to apply for Accreditation the member must be able to satisfy all other criteria for Accreditation

Level One Course Accreditation indicates that a training course has been assessed as providing training to the quality standards for Accreditation but does not cover the full requirements for number of training hours and/or supervision. In order to apply for Accreditation a member will need to undergo extra training to make up the full requirements.

Other Courses - there are a number of courses that are listed on the website that are known to BABCP. They may not cover all the MTS requirements in terms of training hours and supervision. These training courses have not yet been assessed in accordance with the Course Accreditation standards.

Advertised Courses - these are not endorsed by BABCP and are accepted for advertising solely on the principle that they provide CBT training.

BABCP members can access their local branch webpage in the Branches or Special Interest Groups section. This should contain up to date information about branch activities and contact details for committee members. 

BABCP branches hold numerous workshops and other Continuous Professional Development events around the country. For information about current events please go to the pages for Branch CPD Events

Other organisations advertise CPD workshops and events on BABCP  website which can be accessed in the CPD Events advertised pages

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