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Honorary Treasurer

Role Purpose

  • Maintain an overview of the finances of the Association, ensuring its financial viability and maintenance of its records and procedures in accordance with the Standing Financial Instructions and Articles of Association in conjunction with the President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Finance Manager
  • In consultation with the Board Trustees and the Membership help develop, guide and implement the financial and budgetary of the Association in line with changing circumstances both within and external to it

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Commitment to furthering the aims of the Association
  • Good organisational, communication and financial management skills
  • Able to keep in touch with developments in financial management of charities
  • Able to keep appraised of financial challenges to the organisation eg Gift Aid, VAT and other taxes for charities
  • Able to make the time commitment required

Main duties

  • Chair the Finance Sub-Committee which also comprises the President, Past President and another Trustee. The Treasurer is also responsible for reporting on behalf of the Sub-Committee on the Association’s finances at the Annual General Meeting
  • In conjunction with the Finance Manager, present a report on the annual accounts
  • Comply with the Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs) of the Association which broadly include the following (it should be noted that the majority of these responsibilities are delegated to BABCP staff)
  • With the Finance Manager, compile and submit an annual business plan to the Board which takes into account projected spending and forecast limits of available resources. (This is nominally the responsibility of the Treasurer, but is actually the Finance Manager’s task)
  • Liaise, along with the CEO and Finance Manager, with the chairs of the subcommittees, groups representatives to agree a budget for the activity they are responsible for
  • Oversee the control of expenditure, ensuring the charity has an appropriate reserves policy, and that its strategic plan and resources ensure the organisation is able to meet its present and future needs
  • Devise and maintain systems of budgetary control in conjunction with the CEO and Finance Manager
  • Ensure that financial returns are submitted in accordance with Charity Commission guidance
  • Prepare, certify and submit annual financial accounts, in conjunction with the Finance Manager
  • Oversee the Association’s banking arrangements in conjunction with the CEO and Finance Manager

Responsible to

  • The Honorary Treasurer will be responsible to the Association in general and to the Board of Trustees in particular
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Minerva House, Hornby Street, Bury, Lancashire  BL9 5BN
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0330 320 0851
0330 320 0851
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