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Can I be accredited if I live or work abroad?

Applying for Accreditation 

You must be living in the UK and have practiced CBT in the UK, its territories or Ireland in the past three years to apply. We can’t accept an accreditation application if you are based overseas - even if you are working remotely with clients in this country.  

If you practice remote therapy with overseas clients whilst in the UK, its territories or Ireland, you can apply and count this practice towards maintaining your accreditation. 

The reasons for this differentiation is that it our ability to apply our standards and complaints procedures may be affected with any members who are based abroad.

Maintaining your Accreditation

If you work from abroad once accredited, this would be seen by us as a break in UK practice. You wouldn’t be able to count any of the practice, supervision or CPD completed there towards your Reaccreditation. 

You can stay accredited for a maximum of two years whilst overseas.  This will apply even if you are still practising CBT abroad either locally or remotely with UK clients. You must not refer to BABCP or use our accredited logo whilst you are living abroad.

Notifying us of a move abroad/break in practice

Please let us know at of any change in address. 

First Accreditation Audit

If you are in your first year of accreditation, you must request a First Accreditation Audit extension request form if you live and/or work abroad for more than six weeks. 


If you are out of the country for one year or less, you can still complete your Reaccreditation Annual Declaration and indicate on the form that you are having a break in practice. If you are out of practice and living abroad for more than a year, please send us a Leave of Absence form.

You must be back in UK practice to complete a Reaccreditation Random Audit – so please inform us if you are selected for this.

If you are away for longer than two years, you would need to lapse your accreditation and you can apply for Return to Practice when you return.  


What if I trained abroad? This page will help if you have moved to the UK since you completed your CBT training and would like to become accredited. 

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