What are the different stages of Accreditation?

Provisional Accreditation

This is the first stage of accreditation for all applicantsregardless of experience. 

When you get Provisional Accreditation, your name will appear on the CBT Register to confirm that you are an accredited therapist. 

Full Accreditation

You must keep up professional standards of CBT practice, CPD and supervision once you are provisionally accredited. The Full Accreditation application is the way that we check this after twelve months of accreditation.  

What's the difference between these?

We don't differentiate between Provisionally and Fully accredited therapists in terms of their suitability to practice, and both appear on the CBT Register.

Provisional Accreditation means you are in the first year of your accreditation - at the end of this, we check your supervision, CPD records through the Full Accreditation application.  

Annual Reaccreditation

Once you are fully accredited you will submit an annual Reaccreditation Declaration which we may check through a Reaccreditation audit.

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