Accreditation Fees

These fees are separate from your existing Membership fees.

Application and related fees

Type Fee
Provisional Accreditation £169
Provisional Accreditation Level 2 £169
Provisional Accreditation with KSA £219
Full Accreditation £65
Reinstatement of Provisional Accreditation £120
Reinstatement of Full Accreditation £65
Extended Practitioner Accreditation £25
Supervisor Accreditation £105
Trainer Accreditation £105
Accreditation Check (information may be required by Accreditors a specific number of months after Accreditation.) £25
Duplicate Certificates / Accreditation Confirmation   £10

Annual fees

Type Fee
Accreditation Maintenance (after Full Accreditation) £52
CBT Register full website listing (optional) £125.50

Evidence Based Parent Trainer (EBPT) Accreditation fees

Type Fee
EBPT Provisional Accreditation £90
EBPT Full Accreditation £30
EBPT Reaccreditation Annual Fee £15

PWP Registration fees

Non-members (includes BABCP membership) £127
Members £45
Annual renewal (applicable to all) £97

How to pay

The quickest and easiest way to pay is via the website. Log in, go to "My account" and select invoices. If you're paying for an application, the invoice will appear once the admin team have sent you an acknowledgement of receiving it.  Invoices for annual fees will appear on the due date.

You can also pay by phone by contacting the team - 0330 320 0851- options 1 then 2. 

We don't accept American Express. 

Direct Debits

You can pay your annual fees (Accreditation Maintenance and CBT Register listing) by Direct Debit. If you already pay your membership fees by Direct Debit, please just let us know if you would like your accreditation fees to be paid this way - contact

If you don't have a Direct Debit set up, please complete the mandate below.

Direct Debit mandate

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