How do I check the progress of my application?

The average time taken to process an application for Accreditation is 18 weeks; it can be longer at busy times and quicker at quieter times. We know you may be eager to receive your award, but applications cannot be fast-tracked for any circumstance, so please only contact the Accreditation team if it has been more than 18 weeks since you applied.

If you are waiting for Full Accreditation, please be aware that you are already on the CBT Register UK if you are provisionally accredited and able to practise and supervise in the same roles as a fully accredited therapist.

The processing time might take longer if he Administration Team, Accreditation Liaison Officers (ALOs), or Accreditor/s require further information from the applicant, or someone else associated with the application, for example a Clinical Supervisor. In these circumstances, the Accreditation processing clock stops until the requested additional information is received.