Application for Leave Of Absence

Once you are accredited you can take time out of UK CBT practice and stay accredited for up to two years. We call this a Leave of Absence. 

Please let us know about an upcoming or current leave of absence using the form below. You will need to provide evidence of the leave unless it is due to Covid-19.. We don’t expect you to show evidence of supervision and CPD whilst you are not practising but if doing some CPD activities works for you while you are off, you can still record them for your next accreditation or reaccreditation

Leave of Absence Form [Word]

Types of leave 

These will include -

  • Parental leave
  • Practice Leave
  • Sabbatical
  • Sick Leave of more than six weeks
  • Periods out of employment of more than six weeks
  • Change of role to a non-clinical / non-CBT position
  • Practising CBT outside of the UK, its territories or Ireland
  • Practising CBT for less than 50% of your psychotherapeutic practice
  • Having less than two CBT client contacts a week

This does not refer to normal holiday entitlement, retirement or other leave of less than six weeks.

Repeated Leaves of Absence

There is no specified limit to the number of Leaves of Absence you can have. However, if we aren't satisfied with the reason or evidence, we may refuse requests for multiple leaves or too many in close succession.  This is so we can be sure that you are keeping up with enough supervision and CPD to stay accredited.  We may suggest that you lapse your accreditation and reinstate when you are able to commit to being back in practice.

Duration of Leave of Absence

A leave of absence can be up to two years. After that time, you will be asked to lapse your accreditation and apply for Reinstatement of Accreditation. 

Payments during Leave of Absence

During all Leaves of Absence, you will need to continue paying your BABCP membership fees and Accreditation maintenance fee to remain accredited. 

If you prefer not to pay these, you can lapse your accreditation and Reinstate when you return to practice - just let us know if you want to do this.

Leave of Absence while Provisionally Accredited

If you are provisionally accredited when you take time off, your Full Accreditation due date will be extended. This is so you can show twelve months of supervised practice on your Full Accreditation application.

Leave of Absence and Reaccreditation

If you are fully accredited, you will not be invited to make your online Declaration for Reaccreditation while you are on leave. You will remain accredited and be asked to reaccredit twelve months later as long as you are back in practice. 

Time off and Reaccreditation

What if I can't meet all the requirements in time?

Reaccreditation Audit

You can't be selected for Audit during a Leave of Absence. If we don't know about your leave and you are invited for Reaccreditation Audit, you will be given a new Audit date once you have returned to work.

If you are chosen for Audit, you will be asked to submit twelve months' details of CPD and supervision. If you have been on leave of absence during that twelve months, please make a note of this on the submitted forms. The Auditors will not expect you to demonstrate any CPD or supervision for that period.


If you are permanently retiring from clinical practice, please let us know the date your practice will stop.

If you are continuing to teach or supervise CBT, you can apply for Extended Practitioner Accreditation, which can last for up to two years, otherwise you will need to lapse your accreditation when you retire from practice.

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