Accreditation Enquiries Policy

5 August 2015

The current BABCP policy is for all Accreditation-related enquiries to be made via the Accreditation Contact form

This is for two reasons.

Firstly, email contact provides a record of the communication that can be referred back to, which is often needed in the case of complex detailed enquiries.

Secondly, it is a resource issue in terms of efficient allocation of accreditation department resources to various areas and to keep costs down.

Following consultation with the membership, however, BABCP also provides a Members telephone service for Accreditation queries. The service is facilitated by Accreditation Liaison Officers (ALOs) in the Bury office.

It is expected that members will have already consulted the information and guidelines available on the BABCP website for answers to basic queries before utilising this service. The ALOs do not expect applicants to use the service to ask basic application or administration questions about the process.

For non member enquiries, please send an email via the Accreditation Contact Form.