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FAQs concerning changes to the Reaccreditation process

20 July 2017

I am writing to you on behalf of the Board to provide further background on the changes to Reaccreditation.

The change places the onus of responsibility for maintaining quality and standards of practice on the practitioner thereby making them more evidently self-accountable for their practice.

This document aims to address various questions that are likely to be asked frequently.

About Accreditation

1) What is happening to Accreditation?

There is no change at all to the process of Accreditation. It is only the process for Reaccreditation that is updating.

2) I want to apply for Accreditation.

There is no change to the costs or process of Accreditation – please apply in the usual way.

About the changes to Reaccreditation

1) What are the key things changing in the Reaccreditation process?

  • Self-declaration that you have met the required standards of CPD and supervision. No paperwork needs to be submitted.
  • A move to a 12 monthly cycle (from the previous five years).
  • New downloadable documents will be made available for members to record both supervision and continuing professional development. BABCP is intending to investigate the possibility of these records ultimately being recorded on online portals.
  • Supervision can be by an accredited supervisor – or a supervisor trained to postgraduate level or equivalent in CBT; currently utilising CBT within their own practice; and in receipt of CBT specific supervision.
  • Supervision can be by phone, skype as well as face to face
  • A defined list of recommended supervision practice (e.g. live sampling) will be published, and practitioners should agree with their supervisors which elements are suitable for your practice. Some of the elements should be present.
  • The introduction of a random audit of CPD and supervision for a significant number of people each year.

Overall the aim is to build on our robust procedures and enhance good practice. The 12 monthly cycle and random audit will contribute to this.

2) When will the changes start?

  • Later in 2017. The delay from the original planned date is largely due to the technical requirements of the new database and website being more complex than our supplier had originally allowed for. We will keep you updated when we have a more precise date.

3) What if I am coming up to Reaccreditation before the new system is ready?

Following the cessation of the former five year cycle in December 2016, members will remain on The Register until implementation of the updated process. Members will be notified of their due date (the anniversary of their Accreditation date) after the launch of the updated process.

4) What is the annual cost of Reaccreditation?

This will be £15 per year plus the current annual maintenance charge of £30 making a total of £45.

5) I have recently paid the fee for Reaccreditation and this covers five years. When will I next have to pay?

The five year fee was paid to cover processing of the preceding five years records and did not cover an advance period. You will need to pay the annual Accreditation maintenance fee (in advance) on the anniversary of your Accreditation.

6) Will I have to keep my CPD and supervision logs up to date?

It is to be highly recommended that records are kept but that it is entirely up to members how they do so, so long as they are able to produce records if selected for random audit i.e. key paperwork and supervision logs required to evidence your activity will need to be retained for use if you are audited (e.g. CPD attendance certificates).

We hope the new Reaccreditation will build on the high quality of our well-respected former process. Employers, practitioners and the public value this clear statement of the training completed, and commitment to maintaining skills and knowledge through a self-maintained and robust process of supervision and CPD.

7) What has happened to the label MQSP (Maintaining Quality and Standards of Practice)?

As part of our goal to have simpler and widely understood terminology, we are continuing to use the term Reaccreditation to describe this process. The aim of Reaccreditation is to help practitioners maintain quality and standards of their practice.

Thank you

Professor Chris Williams

President BABCP