PWP Refund Policy

08 May 2017

A full refund of membership fees will be available for those who have had less than 3 months of membership benefits by the 9 March 2017.

Members who have received 3 months or more of membership benefits by the date of the PWP cessation announcement of the 9 March 2017 will not be eligible for a refund of their membership fee.

For PWP Accreditation refunds the process is the same.

If the member has been accredited for at least 3 months by the date of the PWP Accreditation cessation announcement of 9 March 2017 a refund of fees will not be available for either; the assessment processing fee (£90) or on-going annual maintenance fee (£15).

But if the member has been PWP Accredited for less than 3 months by the cessation announcement date of 9 March 2017 then the annual £15 maintenance fee can be refunded.