Reaccreditation Change Update 24/08/17

24 August 2017 (Last Updated: 10 November 2017)

We apologise for the delay:

  • Unfortunately, the new system of Reaccreditation is still not ready to be launched.
  • This is largely due to the technical requirements of the new database and website being more complex than our supplier had originally allowed for.
  • It is now likely to launch in the first part of 2018 – we will update you on this as soon as we can.

How the new process will work

  • The new process involves you making an online declaration that you are meeting the required standards of CPD and supervision every year. No documents are submitted at this point.
  • You will be invited to make this declaration on anniversary of your accreditation or reaccreditation date (regardless of the year). Eg. If you were awarded full accreditation in March 2015, you will make your online declaration each year in March.
  • You must be in clinical practice to make the declaration, so if you take a leave of absence, please notify us and you will be given an extension.
  • The same process will apply to supervisor and trainer reaccreditation and you will make both or all declarations on the same date – this will be the anniversary of the last accreditation you received.
  • You will receive an email one month prior to your anniversary date inviting you to make the declaration.
  • The process is subject to random audit. Each year 20% of accredited members will be asked to submit their records of CPD and supervision for the previous twelve months. The earliest this may happen is one year after you have made your first online declaration.
  • If the submitted records are not satisfactory, the auditors will give a period of time in which to submit additional records.
  • Failure to make your online declaration (after several reminders from the BABCP office), and failure to submit satisfactory additional records to the auditors within the allotted time will result in self-removal from the CBT Register UK.

Name update:

As part of our goal to have simpler and widely understood terminology, The BABCP Board has decided to retain the term Reaccreditation to describe the new process. The aim of reaccreditation remains to help practitioners maintain quality and standards of their practice, however this term, (Maintaining Quality and Standards of Practice - MQSP) will no longer be used to label the process. What the delay means for members:

  • Everybody who would have been due for reaccreditation between now and the launch will remain accredited – you don’t need to take any action.
  • Therefore, you will continue to pay your accreditation maintenance fee on the date that you would have been due for reaccreditation.
  • Once the new system is up and running, we will let you know, and will also notify you by email one month before you are due to make your first online declaration confirming that you are maintaining your commitment to CPD and supervision.

The new guidelines

The guidelines for the new reaccreditation process have slight changes to the previous guidelines. These downloadable documents outline the new guidelines for Practitioner as well as Supervisor and Trainer accreditation:

In the meantime:

Please continue to keep your own records of CPD and supervision. If you wish you can use the existing forms –

Please note that no-one will be selected for audit until at least one year after they have made their first online declaration on the anniversary of their accreditation date once the new process is launched.

Reaccreditation process FAQ's