Provisional Guideline Clarifications: Taught Hours and trainer credentials on Non-Accredited CBT Training Courses

8 February 2018

Taught Hours

At the 30th October 2017 BABCP Practitioner Accreditation Committee (PAC) meeting, decisions were also made to further clarify the Provisional Accreditation application guidelines with regard to the taught hours on a course. The Guidelines now state:

“The taught CBT theory and skills hours should be on specific core CBT skills and evidence-based, disorder-specific, core CBT models of formulation and treatment.”

In other words, in evidencing that you have met the Minimum Training Standards (MTS), “Third Wave” therapy approaches, such as mindfulness, ACT, CFT, Schema therapy, DBT are not seen as “core CBT” and hence these should not be counted in the taught hours, although training/CPD events including these can help to make up the additional 250 hours of self-directed study required.

Trainer Credentials

Further to this, applications must include a full CV list or evidence of all the qualifications of teaching and supervision staff who are not BABCP accredited.

A full and detailed curriculum should be provided (or timetable) with comprehensive highlighting of areas of study that show how the applicant has met MTS.

Number of teaching hours should be clearly indicated and labelled distinctly as skills or theory (identifying clearly who actually delivered each training session).