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Documents for Recording and Reaccreditation Audit

This section provides all the downloadable documents you will be requested to submit if selected for Random Audit, and which you may wish to use for contemporaneous recording of supervision and CPD. Guidance for completion and samples where relevant are also available.

Collaborative Supervision Summary (CSS)

The BABCP highly recommends that you use this document for contemporaneous recording of your supervision activity for each twelve month period.

In the case that you are invited for random audit, please complete the second half of the form, including obtaining countersignatures from your supervisor/s and show the supervision summary for the previous twelve months. This may involve cutting and pasting from the previous form, so make sure you keep your records from the previous year.

Please also complete the checkboxes showing areas covered in supervision within the twelve month period, and use the additional information box to give any details and reasons for breaks in supervision, including steps taken to remedy any problems.

It is expected that you will endeavour to obtain the signatures of all your supervisors from the shown period. One signature from a peer group is sufficient. Electronic signatures are acceptable.

You will be asked to submit the completed CSS form along with details of your five CPD activities from the previous year.

Content of Supervision refers to the kind of material reviewed, including case reviews and discussions, techniques, skills, practice, theory, etc

In the Type and Method column, you may briefly describe the type of supervision, eg group, individual, peer; the method of delivery, eg telephone, skype, face to face; and the ways in which the supervision was undertaken, eg video assessment, case discussion, role play

If you have Supervisor and/or Trainer accreditation, the supervision for these areas should also be shown, using S and T respectively in the appropriate column. All clinical supervision. should be shown as C in this column. If you have these types of supervision in the same session as your clinical, please ensure that the entries for each are recorded separately (eg 1 hour clinical supervision, and 30 minutes supervisory supervision). For those with only Practitioner (Full) Accreditation, all supervision is clinical.

Supervisor’s Report

This is also required for submission for random audit, and may otherwise be used as a template for a recommended annual review with your supervisor.

Supervisory Reference and Trainer Reference

These are required for submission for random audit for those accredited as Supervisor and/or Trainer.

Supervisee Feedback Form

Two supervisee feedback forms are required for random audit from those accredited as Supervisor

Training Evaluation

Two training evaluations are required for random audit from those accredited as Trainers – one by a provider and one by an attendee. An example is provided, or you may use your own form.

CBT CPD Evidence For Audit

This will be requested for submission at Random Audit.

If you have supervisor and/or trainer accreditation, you can show your CPD for these in the bottom two rows if they are not included within your five CBT activities. You should have one activity for each of these accreditations but if they are CBT specific, they may be included as one of the five practitioner CPD activities and you may note that on the form in the Additional Information section.

If you only have Practitioner Accreditation, please only give details of five CBT CPD activities.

CBT CPD Reflective Statement

It is highly recommended that you use these to reflect on your CPD. These may be submitted at audit as evidence or part of evidence of CPD.