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Do not send any postal service mail to us until further notice, as this will not be collected. If you need help with this, please call or email us in the first instance.

Time off and Reaccreditation

Accreditation is of current practice. Therefore fully accredited therapists will not be invited to make the online Declaration for Reaccreditation whilst not practising CBT or during extended Leaves of Absence. You will remain accredited and be invited to reaccredit twelve months later.

Your £52 annual Accreditation maintenance fee will continue to be required during your time off in order to maintain your accreditation.

Please inform, in advance if possible, of any extended leave or periods in which you may still be working, but not practising CBT for at least 50% of your psychotherapeutic practice.

If your due date falls during a normal holiday period, you can submit your Declaration when you are back. If you receive an invitation whilst not practising, please notify us with the relevant dates.

If you have been out of practice in the twelve months prior to making your declaration, you can still submit your declaration provided that you are back in practice on your reaccreditation due date.

Members who have permanently retired from clinical practice should not reaccredit but inform BABCP that their practice has ceased. If you are continuing to teach or supervise CBT, you may apply for Extended Accreditation, which can last for up to two years, otherwise you will be required to lapse your accreditation when you retire from practice.

Time off and Random Audit

If you are selected for Random Audit of Reaccreditation having had time out of practice in the previous twelve months, please explain this within the Additional Information section of the CPD Evidence for Audit and Collaborative Supervision Summary documents.

You will not be expected to demonstrate any CPD for the time you have been out of practice. You should, however, be in practice at the time of audit.

For this reason, it is important to let know if you anticipate being on a leave of absence. If BABCP is unaware of your leave and you are invited for audit during this time, you will be given a new audit date once you have returned to work.