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BABCP Practice Supervision and CPD Guidance

Guidance document for BABCP accredited practitioners in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak: Clinical Practice, Clinical Supervision and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Issued 20 March 2020


This document has been prepared by the BABCP’s Accreditation Team. It is intended to provide guidance for CBT practitioners in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. It is intended to cover three months from 23 March 2020 after which additional guidance will be offered.

  • The BABCP expects that practitioners and services will follow current NHS and UK government guidance on appropriate safety, security and health.
  • The intention is to offer guidance on how practitioners can continue to deliver CBT; to maintain continuity as far as possible, and is intended to advise on interim measures while the public health emergency continues.
  • This document is also based on the expectation that duty of care and protection of the public are paramount, and that any flexibility employed as a temporary measure is regarding the timeframe and methods of delivery of therapy. It is not reducing or changing any of our standards.
  • The BABCP also expects that services will support practitioners’ well-being in the circumstances, in particular if they are working in isolation.
  • The BABCP is also grateful for the input of colleagues in all of the home nations, and their commitment to ensuring quality CBT delivery in difficult circumstances.
  • Please also refer to the BABCP’s website at

Meeting clinical supervision and continuing (re)accreditation requirements

Clinical Supervision

The BABCP’s existing guidelines on clinical supervision include receiving supervision via video conferencing, instant messaging, telephone, or by e-mail. There should be face-to-face contact on occasions, but this includes video conferencing.   

The method of delivery of clinical supervision should be appropriate to your clinical practice. For example, if you practice online CBT, then online supervision can be appropriate. 

If you deliver CBT face to face, supervision should also be face to face, and where video-conferencing is used, this is recognised as face to face.

If you do not have access to video-conferencing immediately, then the BABCP’s guidance is to try to obtain access to it. However, for at least the next three months, during the public health emergency, the accreditation team will accept telephone only clinical supervision.

Continuing Professional Development

The current CPD requirement for all accredited practitioners is at least five pieces of CPD per year from across the range of listed activities for all therapists. This must include at least six hours of CBT skills workshop. (This may be one workshop or several shorter ones).

The accreditation team will accept online streaming CBT workshops, both live and recorded, for a three month period between 16 March 2020 and 22 June 2020.  This guidance will be reviewed and updated by the end of this period.

The list of other acceptable activities and further information can be found on the BABCP website under CPD Guidance.

Clinical CBT Practice

BABCP is aware that most therapists will now be delivering CBT using remote methods.  This is acceptable clinical practice within our current guidelines, so it will have no impact on your clinical practice records for Accreditation or Reaccreditation.

We have issue additional guidance for therapists working remotely.

However, if it is not possible to deliver remote therapy in your practice, the BABCP accreditation team recognise that there are situations where CBT practice must be reduced or suspended until the social distancing advice is changed. 

The existing accreditation processes already allow for small caseloads and breaks in practice.

The minimum expectation to be regarded as in current CBT practice is that there are at least two clinical ‘contacts’ per week, and that CBT remains at least 50% of your psychotherapeutic practice.

If a month elapses without you practicing at all or with less than two clinical contacts please complete the leave of absence form which is available on the BABCP website, or via this link:

If your reason for absence is due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus social isolation, additional evidence will not be required.

Reaccreditation Declaration

If you are due to complete your Reaccreditation Declaration during a leave of absence, or while not practising, please inform  Please also let us know when you return to practise. 

Prepared by Rowan Newby, Mark Addis and Helen Macdonald, BABCP Accreditation team, 20 March 2020