COVID-19 - Practice, Supervision and CPD Guidance

Meeting Accreditation and Reaccreditation requirements

We haven't changed or reduced any of our standards in response to the pandemic, but this page explains how their flexibility can be applied in response to any changes in practice due to Covid-19.

We are grateful for the input of colleagues in all of the home nations, and their commitment to ensuring quality CBT delivery in difficult circumstances.

CBT Clinical Practice

We already accept remote sessions within our current guidelines. So a period of delivering video or telephone therapy won't impact your clinical practice records for Accreditation or Reaccreditation. You may find it helpful to have a look at our tips for remote therapy provision.

If you have had to suspend or reduce your practice, the existing accreditation processes already allow for this. You need at least two clinical ‘contacts’ per week to be considered in practice, and CBT must be at least 50% of your psychotherapeutic practice.

If more than a month has gone by without you meeting this minimum, please complete a leave of absence form. You won’t need to send us evidence if the reason was the pandemic.

Returning to face to face practice

Each organisation, including private practitioners should make their own informed decision about when to return to face to face practice.  This will be based on the government’s latest guidelines, including any local restrictions and whether it is possible to see your clients safely in your premises using social distancing and cleaning measures. 

You may need to make different arrangements depending on your own  vulnerability and those of your individual clients. Your duty of care and protection of the public are paramount.

We expect that services and supervisors will continue to support practitioners’ wellbeing in all contexts of practice.

Continuing Professional Development

The CPD requirement for all accredited practitioners is at least five pieces of CPD per year from across the range of listed activities for all therapists. This must include at least six hours of CBT skills workshop. This may be one workshop or several shorter ones.

We will accept online CBT workshops and webinars, both live and recorded, during this period.  If you don't have evidence of attendance at these virtual events, we will accept the Reflect Statement alone. 

The list of other acceptable activities and further information can be found on our website under CPD Guidance.

Clinical Supervision

We already accept clinical supervision by video conferencing, instant messaging, telephone, or by email.  The method of delivery of clinical supervision should be appropriate to your clinical practice. For example, if you practice online CBT, then online supervision can be appropriate. There should be face-to-face contact where possible - this includes video conferencing.

If you don't yet use video-conferencing, we advise you to do so if you are still not meeting face to face. However, during the pandemic, we will accept telephone only clinical supervision. 

Reaccreditation Declaration

If you are due to complete your Reaccreditation Declaration during a leave of absence, or while not practising, please inform Please also let us know when you return to practice. 

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