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Reinstatement of Accreditation 

From 1st April 2023, the new Return to Practice Policy replaced the Reinstatement of Accreditation process. If you are currently Provisionally Reinstated, you still need to complete your Stage 2 Reinstatement of Full Accreditation.

Stage 2 - Reinstatement of Full Accreditation

The second stage of Reinstatement takes place twelve months after you were awarded Provisional Reinstatement. 

If you have never held Full Accreditation, Stage 2 will be to complete a First Accreditation Audit.

Otherwise, Stage 2 will be Reinstatement of Full Accreditation.

Criteria for Reinstatement of Full Accreditation

You must -

  • have previously been granted Full Accreditation 
  • demonstrate twelve months of supervised CBT practice, including at least two episodes of live supervision. Please see Supervision Guidance
  • have been receiving supervision from an appropriate supervisor - see Supervisor's Credentials
  • provide evidence of and Reflective Statements on five pieces of CPD including at least 6 hours of CBT skills workshops
  • provide a Supervisor's Report from your current supervisor
  • pay the correct fee within one month of submitting your application. Please check our Accreditation Fees page

Application Form and Guidelines

Please submit your application to  

You can use electronic signatures, or if this isn't possible, you can type your name in the signature boxes.  As long as you submit your application from your own email address, this will serve as the validation of your identity.

Supervisors can similarly email their reports with or without electronic signatures to  

Reinstatement of Full Accreditation Application [Word]

Reinstatement of Full Accreditation Criteria and Guidelines [PDF]


Some of the documents you will submit with your application require signatures from you or other people. We are in the process of updating our documents to incorporate electronic signatures.  In the meantime, here is some guidance on how to validate a document or provide proof of identity if signatures aren't possible.

Signature Guidance

Supervisor's Report

This must be completed by your current CBT clinical supervisor. 

Supervisor's Report [Word] 

CPD and Reflective Statements

Please provide evidence of five CBT CPD activities drawn from across the range of learning and development activities. You must have completed these in the twelve months since you were awarded Provisional Reinstatement.

Within this, you are required to include at least six hours of CBT skills workshop(s) per year and complete a Reflective Statement for each of these.

One of these activities can be non-CBT specific as long as your Reflective Statement justifies how the activity is relevant to your CBT practice.

Acceptable CPD activities [PDF]

Reflective Statements are best completed soon after completing each activity.

Reflective Statement Template [Word]

Log Book of CBT Clinical Supervision

You must provide your Log Book for the 12 months since you were awarded Provisional Reinstatement. It is a good idea to complete shortly after each supervision session.

Log Book of CBT Clinical Supervision [Word]


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