Practitioner Reaccreditation Audit

Please complete the following documents if you are selected for Audit, remembering to name them correctly. They must be emailed to

Please consult the Reaccreditation Guidelines.

Audit Information Sheet

Please complete with your up to date details.

Please name this document "Info".

Audit Information Sheet Template [Word]


Some of the documents you will submit with your Audit require signatures from you or other people. We are in the process of updating our documents to incorporate electronic signatures.  In the meantime, here is some guidance on how to validate a document or provide proof of identity if signatures aren't possible.

Signature Guidance

Collaborative Supervision Summary

This will show a log of your supervision for the previous 12 months. We recommend that you record supervision sessions as you go along. At Audit, your supervisor(s) should sign the form within the ten weeks.

If you have Supervisor and/or Trainer Accreditation, please record Supervisory and/or Training supervision on the same form.

Please name this Document "CSS".

Supervisor's report

  • Please ask your supervisor to complete this report within the ten weeks. If you have been with your current supervisor for less than six months, please also provide a report from your previous supervisor. 
  • You can attach it with your application or your supervisor can email it directly to with your name and Sup Rep typed in the subject field. 
  • Please name this Document "Sup Rep".


CBT CPD Summary 

On this form please show your 5 CPD activities from the last twelve months – with a minimum 6 hours of skills development included in these.

If you have Supervisor and/or Trainer Accreditation, please record Supervisory and/or Training CPD on the same form.

Please name this form "CPD SA".

CPD Reflective Statements and Evidence

  • Please complete a Reflective Statement for each CPD activity. We recommend you complete them shortly after the activity. 
  • Please name these documents "RS 1-5" respectively.
  • CPD Reflective Statement Template [Word]

CPD Evidence

  • You must also attach evidence of each of your CPD activities. Information on the types of evidence we accept is listed here.
  • These should be named "CPD EV 1", "CPD EV 2" and so on. The numbers should correspond with the Reflective Statement numbers and be cross-referenced on your CPD Summary (Evidence for Audit) Form.
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