Time off and Reaccreditation

If you are not practising CBT, if CBT is less than 50% of your psychotherapeutic practice, or if you are practising abroad, you should not make the online Declaration. 

Please submit a Leave of Absence form [Word] with evidence as soon as you know you are going to be off or abroad long term.

Recently returned to practice? You can still submit your Declaration if you are back in practice even if you have had extended time off for any part of the preceding twelve months.

Retired from practice? You should not reaccredit but let us know that you are retired. If you are continuing to teach or supervise CBT, you can apply for Extended Accreditation.

Time off and Reaccreditation Audit

If you are selected for Reaccreditation Audit and you have had a period out of practice in the previous twelve months, please explain this within the Additional Information section of the forms.

We don't expect you do do CPD or supervision when you were out of practice. However, you should be in practice at the time of Audit.

If we don't know about your leave and you are invited for Audit whilst you are off, you will be given a new audit date once you have returned to work.

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