Return to Practice for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists

Return to Practice for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists 

About the Policy 

From 1st April 2023, the new Return to Practice Policy replaced the Reinstatement of Accreditation process. If you are currently Provisionally Reinstated, you still need to complete your Stage 2 Reinstatement of Full Accreditation, details can be found here.

This policy applies if you have not been in clinical practice for any period of time and you intend to apply for BABCP CBT Accreditation. It applies if you were previously provisionally or fully accredited or you completed a Level 2 course more than 5 years ago.  

If you have never been accredited and completed a Level 2 training programme more than 5 years ago, please refer to our Level 2 Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist Accreditation page.

If your BABCP accreditation has lapsed, you must complete a Return to Practice Application form to return to the CBT Register UK and Ireland. 

 When returning to the Register you must -

  • Have previously been accredited with us - either provisionally or fully 
  • Commit to maintaining your CPD and Supervision requirements 
  • Pay the correct fee. Please check our Accreditation & Registration Fees page 

You will be awarded Accreditation status once we have assessed that you meet the Return to Practice standards. 

Return to Practice Guidelines

Please read the Return to Practice Policy for CBT Accreditation for full guidance and requirements.

At a glance:

0-2 years since Accreditation lapsed or you have not been in CBT clinical practice 

  • Apply for Return to Practice by completing the application form. No further evidence is required 

More than 2 years since your Accreditation lapsed or you have not been in CBT clinical practice

  • Apply for Return to Practice by completing the application form   
  • Complete a Return to Practice Supplement 
  • Provide a Return to Practice Reference

Please note - your professional referee must submit their reference to us directly at

If your Accreditation lapsed due to a complaint being upheld against you, this policy does not apply. In this circumstance, please contact us at, ensuring the subject line contains “Return to Practice”.

Return to Practice Documents

Return to Practice Application Form [Word]

Return to Practice Supplement [Word]

Return to Practice Reference [Word]

Return to Practice - Record of CBT Activity [Word]

How to submit your application

Please submit your Return to Practice application - along with your supplement if required - to, ensuring the subject line contains: “Return to practice”. After receiving your submission, we will issue your return to practice invoice and notify you of this. If we do not receive payment within 30 days of this notification, your application will be deleted, and you will need to reapply. Once we have received your payment, we will process your application.


Accredited practitioners must maintain Accreditation standards, including supervision and CBT CPD. After being placed on the CBT Register UK and Ireland, all practitioners joining the CBT Register via the Return to Practice route will be audited in 12 months. 

Details of the Audit process can be found here: Reaccreditation Audit (

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