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Can I get accredited if I train online?

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic all CBT training has moved online.  So, until further notice, you can work towards accreditation through remote training.  However, not all online courses will meet our Minimum Training Standards (MTS) – the criteria for Accreditation. 

Our Accredited Courses are high quality trainings which meet most or all of the MTS, but if you do your CBT training elsewhere you should check whether the course’s curriculum can meet our requirements.  This means how it is taught, what is taught and the qualifications of those who teach it.

Once the pandemic is over, we will review our requirements on how much training needs to be in person. We will give plenty of notice if we intend to change our requirements. This means that people will have time to apply for accreditation using the current guidance before any changes are brought in.

What type of online training counts?

Therapeutic training involves learning interpersonal skills. For this reason, we require that at least 80% of training on courses is face to face and interactive. For now, this can be online provided that the teaching -

  • is live – not recorded
  • offers the opportunity for discussion and questions
  • includes small group work
  • incorporates skills development like demonstrations and role play
  • has a 50:50 ratio of theoretical to skills teaching

Can I count remote clinical hours?

If you deliver sessions via video-conferencing and/or phone due to COVID-19, you can count these towards the 200 hours of CBT clinical practice required for Accreditation.

You should take account of whether the interventions and skills you are developing need to be adapted for remote working. Appropriate consent, security and data protection must be in place.

You must still have regular live supervision.  It’s possible to record and share most forms of remote therapy delivery.  We suggest you discuss with your supervisor the best way to do this that suits you, your supervisor and your clients, and make sure that you have informed consent to any recording.

Working towards Accreditation during COVID 19

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