Keynote Speakers

Keynote Addresses 15th – 16th July 2020

What does my patient need to learn during exposure for PTSD? Questions, Research, and Clinical Considerations

Carolyn Becker, Trinity University, USA

The Least Controversial Idea in Mental Health: Can adult mental health professionals stem the tide of poor child mental health?

Sam Cartwright Hatton, University of Sussex

Mindfulness for psychosis: A humanising therapeutic process

Paul Chadwick, University of Bath

Understanding key transdiagnostic processes that maintain emotional disorders and distress

Collette Hirsch, King’s College London

Working with parents to prevent and/or reduce violence against children

Judy Hutchings, Bangor University

30 years of CBT with children and young people: current status and future directions

Paul Stallard, University of Bath

Telling the “story of the self” through imagery and autobiographical memory

Lusia Stopa, University of Southampton

DBT Thirty Years On: What do we know and what have we yet to learn?

Michaela Swales, Bangor University

Where next for the psychological professions in NHS funded healthcare in England?

Adrian Whittington, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Psychological Therapy with People with Bipolar: Where to Start?

Kim Wright, University of Exeter

How can imagery techniques be used to help people process overwhelming, prolonged or repeated traumas?

Kerry Young, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust