Pre-Conference Workshops

A programme of 12 one-day Workshops will be held on Tuesday 14th July.

The workshops will run from 9.30-17.00. These workshops offer participants an opportunity to develop practical skills in the assessment and treatment of a range of problems.

The number of places are limited so early application is advised to avoid disappointment.

Workshop 1

Exposure Therapy for Eating Disorders

Carolyn Becker, Trinity University, USA and Glenn Waller, University of Sheffield

Workshop 2

Using Imagery Techniques to Help People with Complex Reactions to Trauma

Kerry Young, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Workshop 3

Using Imagery Rescripting and Autobiographical Memory to Challenge Negative and Build Positive Selves

Lusia Stopa, University of Southampton

Workshop 4

Relived, Re-remembered, Reconstructed:
Working with Complexity in PTSD Memories and Non-memories

Sharif El-Leithy, Traumatic Stress Service and Hannah Murray, University of Oxford

Workshop 5

Getting Rid of OCD Using CBT: Finding a Shared Understanding is Key to Helping People to Choose to Change and Reclaim Their Life

Paul Salkovskis, University of Oxford

Workshop 6

Cognitive Behavioural Chairwork from the 'inside-out':

An Introductory Self-practice / Self-reflection workshop

Matthew Pugh, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust and Tobyn Bell Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Workshop 7

Integrating CBT and 'Third Wave' Therapies: An Introductory Workshop

Fiona Kennedy, GreenWood Mentors Ltd.

Workshop 8

Mindfulness for Psychosis: A Humanising Therapeutic Process

Paul Chadwick, University of Bath

Workshop 9

Enhancing Personal Recovery in Bipolar Disorder Across the Lifespan

Steve Jones, Fiona Lobban, Lizzie Tyler and Jasper Palmier Claus, Lancaster University.

Workshop 10

Unraveling the Chain: DBT Chain and Solution Analysis with Adults and Adolescents

Marie Wassberg, MW Care Training and Consultancy Ltd

Workshop 11

Raising Confident Children: How to Work with Anxious Parents to Enhance Child Confidence

Sam Cartwright Hatton, University of Sussex

Workshop 12

Tackling Sleep and Fatigue in Young People

Maria Loades, University of Bath and Faith Orchard, University of Reading