Skills for Working with Compulsive Checking and/or Pathological Doubt
Presenter: Adam Radomsky, Concordia University, Canada
Cognitive therapy for social anxiety disorder in adolescents
Presenter: David M Clark, University of Oxford & Eleanor Leigh, King’s College, London

Optimising Video feedback for Social Anxiety Disorder: Face-to-Face and Virtual Techniques
Presenter: Jen Wild, University of Oxford
How to engage young people with mental health problems in Mindfulness
Presenter: Brenda Davis, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Supplementing Brief Behavioral Activation with Functional Analysis
Presenter: Carl Lejuez, University of Maryland, USA
Group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for People with Asperger Syndrome
Presenter: Peter Langdon, University of Kent

Parenting for anxious parents
Presenter: Sam Cartwright Hatton, University of Sussex, UK
Thinking About Including Self-practice/Self-reflection (SP/SR) in Your CBT Training Program? Guidelines for Trainers
Presenter: James Bennett-Levy, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Can Principles of Exposure and Emotional Processing from the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders Apply to the Treatment of Depression?
Presenter: Adele Hayes, University of Delaware, USA

Learning How to Feel Good: How to Build Positivity in Depressed Clients
Presenter: Barney Dunn, University of Exeter and Richard Moore, Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust
CBT for Command Hallucinations
Presenter: Alan Meaden, University of Birmingham
Narrative and Metaphor in CBT: Tools for Therapeutic Change
Presenter: Paul Blenkiron, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust