Conference Abstracts






 Keynote Addresses

1.   Metacognition and Emotional Disorder: Advances in Cognitive Therapy. Adrian Wells

2.   Improving the Efficiency of Cognitive Behavioural Treatment. Derek Johnston

3.   Evidenced-based Treatments for Children: Promises and Pitfalls. Tom Ollendick

4.   Prochaska and Di Clemente Revisited. Art Freeman

5.   Choice, Accessibility and Equity in CBT. David Richards

6.   Adaptation of PST for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders. Christine Maguth Nezu

7.   An Integrative Model of Eating Disorders and their Treatment, Bryan Lask

8.   CBT for Psychosis: Family and Individual Approaches. Elizabeth Kuipers

9.   Preventing Severe Conduct Problems in Children. Robert McMahon         

10. Problem Solving and Behaviour Therapy. Art Nezu

11. The Role of Overvalued Threat Expectancies in the Anxiety Disorders. Ross G. Menzies       


1.   Prevention of Psychological Distress among Children and Adolescents

2    Managing Panic: Patient Packs, Palmtops and PCs, Do They Improve Delivery?

3.   Metacognition and Psychological Disorder: Theory, Research and Treatment

4.   Developments in CBT for People with Learning Disabilities

5.   OCD: More Questions than Answers?

6    Treatment of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders in Children and Adolescents?

7.   The Use of Structured CBT Self-Help Materials

8.   The Schema Concept

9    Cognitions and Family Caregiving

10   Recurrent Major Depression: Cognitive Processes and Treatment Outcome

11   Cognition, Development and Depression

12   Cognitive Processes across Disorders

13   Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Somatic Symptoms

14   Eating Disorders: New Developments in Theory and Research

15   Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents

16.  Naturalistic Cognition: Methods for Studying Anxiety and Depression

17   Cognitive Behavioural Treatment of Somatic Symptoms (continued)

18   Theory and Practice in Therapy for Delusions and Hallucinations

19   Relationships between Child Behaviour Problems and the Family Environment

20   Diffusion of Psychological Innovation: Our Experience with Triple P

21  Cognitive Factors in the Etiology, Maintenance and Treatment of PTSD


Roundtable Debate 

Over-Valued Ideas: The Last Frontier in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?


Open Papers

1.   Training and Other Issues

2    Cognition and Emotion: Findings across Disorders

3.   Issues in Training and Supervision

4.   Developmental Issues

5.   Affective, Obsessional and other Difficulties

6.   Depression and Related Issues