Thursday 9th September Keynotes: 11.30-12.30
Keynote Speakers

Professor Andrew Matthews
Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Emotional Processing Biases: Nature and Modification

Professor Philipa Garety
Guys’ King’s and St Thomas’s School of Medicine, London
Making Sense of Delusions: A Matter of Judgement?

Professor Susan Bogels
University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
Anxiety Disorders and the Family

Professor David Richards
University of York
Throwing Therapy Away: Stepping Up or Dumbing Down? An Examination of Solutions that Improve Access to Therapy

Dr Ulrike Schmidt
Kings College London
Motivational Work in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Professor Bill Lindsay
University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland
Considering Emotion in People with Intellectual Disabilities within a Cognitive-Behavioural Framework


Thursday 9th September Keynotes: 4.30 - 5.30
Keynote Speakers

Professor John Teasdale
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge
Mindfulness and the third wave of cognitive-behavioural therapies

Dr Antonio Pinto
University of Naples, Italy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Schizophrenia: Historical Evolution and current approaches

Professor Paul Salkovskis
Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK
The Future of Psychological Treatments for Anxiety

Professor Tom Borkovec
Penn State University
What Basic Research And Therapy Outcome Research On Generalized Anxiety Disorder Has Taught Us About Being Human Beings

Mellanie Fennell
University of Oxford
Keynote has been cancelled


Friday 10th September: Keynotes: 11.30 – 12.30
Keynote Speakers

Dr Metin Basoglu,
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Professor Lars-Goran Ost
University of Stockholm, Sweden
Does CBT work in clinical settings or only in the ivory towers of the researchers?

Professor Christine Barrowclough
University of Manchester
The Social Context of Psychosis

Professor Steven Linton
Orebro University Hospital Sweden
The new view of Chronic Pain: from risk factors to early interventions

Professor Colin Espie
University of Glasgow, Scotland
The Straw that broke the camels back: sleep and wakefulness in people with intellectual disabilities

Professor Aaron T. Beck
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Classification, assessment, prediction and intervention for suicidal behaviors



Friday 10th September: Keynotes: 4.30 – 5.30
Keynote speakers

Professor Jack Rachman
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Naughty Thoughts

Dr Ann Hackmann
University of Oxford
Images in Psychopathology: Mirrors that might do well to reflect

Professor William Yule
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Is there a role for cognitive behaviour therapy in helping young refugee asylum seekers?


Saturday 11th September: 11.30 – 12.30

Keynote speakers

Dr Sylvia Schneider
Institut fur Psychologie, Klinsche Psychologie und psychotherapie, Basel, Switzerland
Risk and Protective factors in the development of childhood anxiety disorders

Professor Gudrun Sartory
University of Wuppertal, Germany
Experimental Studies of PTSD

Dr Mark Van Der Gaag
University of Leiden, The Netherlands
New Developments in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis

Professor Marcel Van Den Hout
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Personality, Safety behaviours and Anxiety disorders

Professor John Weinman
Guys’, Kings’ and St Thomas’ School of Medicine, London
The patient's perception of illness: can it provide a basis for predicting and improving outcome?


Saturday 11th September Closing Keynote: 4.30 – 5.30

Keynote speaker

Anne Garland
President Elect BABCP
Nurse Consultant in Psychological Therapies
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
"All for one and one for all" - realising our potential by remembering our roots