Keynote Addresses
12-14 September

Professor Kate Davidson
University of Glasgow
Developments in CBT for Personality Disorders:
Translating the Learning from Research Trials.

Professor Graham Davey
University of Sussex
Converting Life Stress into Specific Psychopathologies: Why Become a Worrier When You Could Develop a Compulsion, a Phobia, an Eating Disorder, and More?

Dr Edward Watkins
University of Exeter
Depressive Rumination:
Investigating Mechanisms to Improve Treatment

Professor Gillian Haddock
University of Manchester
Violence and Psychosis: Myth or Reality and the Implications for Psychological Treatment

Dr Stirling Moorey
South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust
Facing Death and Finding Life

Dr Gillian Butler
Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre
Approaching Problems of Identity from a Cognitive Behavioural Perspective

Professor Glenn Waller
Vincent Square Clinic, Central and North West NHS Foundation Trust; Institute of Psychiatry
CBT for the Eating Disorders: To Infinity and Beyond, or a Short Walk in the Dark?

Professor Adam Radomsky
Concordia University, Canada
Compulsive Checking, From Start to Never-finished

Professor Graham Turpin
University of Sheffield
Improving Access to Psychological Therapies: Do Mind the Quality but Also Feel the Width!

Dr Luci Wiggs
Oxford Brookes University
Sleeplessness in Children and Adolescents

Professor Nigel Beail
Sheffield University; Barnsley Primary Care Trust
Psychotherapeutic Interventions for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Developments in Research and Practice