9.00 - 9.50

Professor S.J. Rachman
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Ideas That Succeeded and Those That Failed: An Historical Analysis of Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Dr. Jonquil Drinkwater
Oxfordshire Mental Healthcare NHS Trust
The Way Forward for Child and Adolescent Cognitive Therapy : Issues, Controversies and Challenges

Professor Thomas Borkovec
Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA
Thirty Years of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy: Where We Have Been and Where We Might Be Going
(Through The Eyes of a Short Yank)

12.10 - 13.00

Professor Lauren Alloy
Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA
Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression
The Temple-Wisconsin Project: Progress & Implications for Prevention

Professor Anke Ehlers
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder From Theoretical Model to Effective Treatment

Dr Fugen Neziroglu,
Institute of Bio-behavioural Medicine, New York, USA
Body Dysmorphic Disorder: The Chronic Misperception or What I See is Not What You See.

Professor Philippa Garety
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Psychological Treatments for Psychosis: What Has Been Achieved in the Past 30 years? and What Next

16.30 - 17.30

Dr. Christine A. Padesky
Center for Cognitive Therapy, Huntington Beach, California, USA
Aaron T. Beck: Mind, Man and Community Mentor

Professor Susan H Spence
University of Queensland, Australia
Depression in Young People: Risk Factors and Prevention

Professor Terry Wilson
Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
Manual Based CBT Treatments : The Way Forward or an Ineffective Blind Alley?

Professor Kim Mueser
Dartmouth Medical School, New Hampshire, USA
Cognitive-behavioural Treatment for PTSD in Severe Mental Illness

9.00 - 9.50

Professor David Clark,
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Past Progress and Future Challenges in Understanding and Treating Anxiety Disorders

Professor Chris Oliver
University of Birmingham
Applied Behaviour Analysis and Behavioural Phenotypes

Professor Mark Williams
Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
Psychological Processes in Suicidal Behaviour

12.10 - 13.00

Professor Paul Gilbert
University of Derby
Evolved Brain, Social Mind: Implications for Cognitive Therapy

Professor Richard G. Heimberg
Temple University, Philadelphia, USA
The Understanding and Treatment of Social Anxiety: Retrospect and Prospect

Professor Til Wykes
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Helping people with Psychosis to Think More Clearly: Some Food for Thought

Professor Keith Dobson
University of Calgary, Canada
Thirty Years of Cognitive Therapy for Depression: What Have We Learned, What Have We Yet to Learn

16.30 - 17.30

Professor Paul Salkovskis,
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Advances and Traps in the Understanding and Treatment of
Obsessional Compulsive Disorder

Professor Lars-Göran Öst
Stockholm University, Sweden
35 years of Controlled Trials of CBT for Anxiety Disorders :What Progress Have We Made?

Professor Steve Hayes
University of Nevada, Reno, USA
The Unconventional Implications of a New Theory of Cognition