Professor Thomas Lynch, University of Exeter
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Latest Research and Developments


Professor Christine Purdon, University of Waterloo, Canada
'Try to Think Unsexy Thoughts, Try to Think Unsexy Thoughts, Try to Think Unsexy
Thoughts.....Doh!' What Has 20 Years of Thought Suppression Research Taught Us?


Professor Terry Wilson, Rutgers University, USA
Evidence-based Psychological Therapies: Progress and Pitfalls


Dr Bundy Mackintosh, University of East Anglia
Targetting Vulnerability to Anxiety by Aiming Directly at Cognitive Biases


Professor Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Yale University, USA
The Toxic Effects of Rumination


Dr James Coyne, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Reducing Distress and Forestalling Death in Cancer Patients:
What Can We Expect of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?


Professor Anne-Marie Albano, University of Columbia, USA
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety Disorders in Youth:
Are We Ready for Prime Time?


Professor Paul Stallard, University of Bath
Preventive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Schools:
Issues, Challenges and Future Directions


Dr Sabine Wilhelm, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Beauty and the Beast: The Nature and Treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Dr Kelly Vitousek, University of Hawaii, USA
Beyond Psychopathology: The Power of Normal Behaviour to Explain Anorexia Nervosa


Professor Andrew Jahoda, University of Glasgow
Striking a Balance: Engaging Clients and Systems in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for People with
Intellectual Disabilities


Dr Kieron O'Connor, University of Montreal, Canada
Reasonable Doubt: Addressing Reasoning Processes in OCD and other Belief Disorders


Dr Ken Laidlaw, University of Edinburgh
An Empirical Review of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Late-life Depression:
Past, Present and Future


Professor Paul Gilbert, University of Derby
The Challenges of Life and the Development of Compassion


Professor Willem Kuyken, University of Exeter
Case Conceptualisation:
Working Effectively with Clients in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Professor David Richards, University of Exeter
Stepping Out or Stumbling Forward? What Do We Know About Dose, Demand and Design in
Stepped Care Services?


Professor Lord Richard Layard, London School of Economics and Political Science
Making Psychological Therapies a National Priority


Dr Daniel Freeman, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London
Paranoia: The 21st Century Fear