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  Childhood Anxiety Disorders: Associations with Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate
Anna Alkozei, Cathy Creswell, Carien van Reekum and Peter Cooper
  The Wellbeing of Carers of People with Severe and Enduring Eating Disorders (SEED)
Stephen Linacre, Andrew Hill and Suzanne Heywood-Everett
  Socialization to the Model: The active component in the therapeutic alliance?
Jo Daniels and Alison J Wearden
  Participant's experiences of an online cognitive behaviour therapy package for bulimic type disorders: A community based study
Carrie-Anne McClay, Ciaran McHale, Louise Ewan and Chris Williams
  gNATenborough's Island: A C-CBT adaption for young people with internalising disorders
Aisling O' Dwyer O' Brien, Sadhbh Coyle, David Coyle and Gary O' Reilly
  Development of a community-based screening tool for early post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents
Clare Dixon, Richard Meiser-Stedman, Anna McKinnon, Tim Dalgleish, Patrick Smith, Adrian Boyle, Andrea Edwards & Jo Bytham.
  Can Positive Affect Broaden the Scope of Attention?
Emma Hill, Fionnuala Murphy, Cristina Ramponi, and Philip Barnard
  Partnership work in delivering Step 2 psychological interventions to people with learning disabilities: An innovative approach.
Becca Salmon, Britta Nagel, Vicky Vidalaki, Sharon Roscoe, Sarah Gibson, Herjoyt Ubhi and Gemma Ellis
  Diagnostic Specificity in Childhood Anxiety Disorders: Familial and Environmental Influences.
Jenny Crosby
  Experiential avoidance and low mindfulness associated with eating disorder symptoms: the mediating role of ruminative brooding.
Felicity Cowdrey and Rebecca Park
  Styles of Humour & Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Mental Health Workers.
Lucy Czwartos
  Utilising Behavioural Family Therapy (BFT) to help support the system around a person with a learning disability with complex mental health needs.
Keith Marshall and Jan Ferris
  Is it scary mummy? Vicarious acquisition and prevention of fear in children via a mother or a stranger.
G├╝ler Dunne & Chris Askew

Adapting CBT for psychosis: creative ways with cognitive impairments.
Sophie Holmes, Rowena Rossiter, Jo Jennison and Julie Nixon.


Delivering Effective Cognitive Behavioural Group Treatment for Women in Secure Psychiatric Settings.
Clive Long


Group Substance Abuse Treatment for Women in Medium Secure Services.
Clive Long


Providing evidence based psychological therapies in acute inpatient care: the DOORWAYS project.
Rumina Taylor, Emese Csipke and Til Wykes

  CBT through an Interpreter to Treat Depression and Animal Phobia: A Case Study Presenting Clinical Outcome and Trainee Therapist Learning.
Layla Mofrad