Skills classes are free open to all. However, the numbers are limited by the size of the room.
Early arrival is advised as the doors will close when the room is full.

  Targeting rumination by changing processing style: Experiential and imagery exercises
  Ed Watkins, University of Exeter
  How to make best use of the CTS-R in terms of assessment, training and supervision
  Ian James, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
  The rough guide to dissociation: What’s happening and what you can do about it
  Helen Kennerley, Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (OCTC), Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health Trust (OBMH), University of Oxford


  Getting the 'B' back into CBT: Sticking to what works for the eating disorders
  Glenn Waller, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  Analysing clinical and experimental psychopathology data: Some potential problems and some modern solutions
  Andy Field, University of Sussex
  Two techniques to improve well-being through targeting grateful schemas: A positive clinical psychology approach
  Alex Wood, University of Manchester


  Cognitive behavioural anger treatment for low functioning clients
  John L Taylor, Northumbria University and Ray Novaco, University of California, Irvine
  Case management supervision for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners: How to do it
  Pamela Myles, Charlie Waller Institute, University of Reading, Faye Small, University of Exeter and Sarah Gibbons, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  Supervision of CBT with children, young people and families
  Brenda Davies, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Anne Stewart, Oxford City CAMHS



  Judicious use of safety behaviour: Clinical skills
  Adam Radomsky, Concordia University, Canada and Jack Rachman, University of British Columbia, Canada
  Working with metaphor and metaphorical imagery in CBT
  Richard Stott, Institute of Pschiatry, King's College London


  Using enhanced reliving to work directly with trauma memories associated with PTSD
  Debbie Lee, Berkshire Traumatic Stress Service and Kerry Young, Central North West London Foundation NHS Trust
  Working with acceptance, mindfulness, and values in chronic pain: An introduction and skills building workshop
  Kevin Vowles, Haywood Hospital & Keele University and Lance McCracken, Bath Centre for Pain Services


Guildford 2011 Skills Class Handouts

Glenn Waller
Adam Radomsky
Alex Wood
Ed Watkins
Kevin Vowles
Brenda Davies & Anne Stewart