Professor Lars-Göran Öst, Stockholm University
One-Session Treatment, ACT, and Implementation of Research findings in Clinical Practice
Professor Rory O’Connor, University of Stirling
Understanding Suicide Risk: the Integrated Motivational-volitional model of Suicidal Behaviour
Professor Elaine Fox, University of Essex
Improving Mental Health: Can progress in Cognitive Psychology and Molecular Genetics
boost Wellbeing?
Professor Rona Moss Morris, Kings College, London
CBT for Medically Unexplained Symptoms and Long Term Conditions: Are they any different?

Professor Mark Williams, University of Oxford
Mindfulness, Early Adversity and Suicidality
Professor Susan Michie, University College, London
Designing and Evaluating Interventions to Change Behaviour using ‘The Behaviour Change Wheel’
Professor Simon Gilbody, University of York
Does Computer-delivered CBT really Work for Depression?
Professor Martin Orrell, University College, London
The New Generation of Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia Care
Dr Lucene Wisniewski, CaseWestern Reserve University and Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders
DBT in the Treatment of Eating Disorder: How, Why and With Whom?

Professor Eni Becker, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Cognitive Bias Modification in Alcohol Dependence
Professor Jennie Hudson, Macquarie university in Sydney, Australia
Anxiety Disorders in Children: Risk Factors for Development and Poor Treatment Outcome
Professor Mark van der Gaag, VU University, Amsterdam
Trauma and Psychosis: a Dangerous Duo
Professor Tom Prout, University of Kentucky
Psychotherapy with Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: Current Status and Future Directions
Professor David M Clark, University of Oxford
Developing and Disseminating Effective Psychological Therapies: an Update on Science, Policy and Economics - IAPT

Dr Jeffery Young, Cognitive Therapy Center of New York
New Advances in Schema Therapy
Dr Dougal Hare, University of Manchester
CBT with People with Asperger’s Syndrome – Past, Present and Future
Professor Silvia Schneider, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
Separation Anxiety Disorder in Childhood - Under Estimated and Under Researched
Professor Sheri Johnson, University of Berkeley
Reward Sensitivity in Bipolar Disorder: When, Where, and Why Might Mania Occur
Dr Ian McPherson, Improving Health and Wellbeing, UK
Preparing for a Modern NHS

Professor Christopher Fairburn, University of Oxford
The Dissemination of Psychological Treatments
Dr John Green, Imperial College, London
Sex, Cognitions and Behaviour
Dr Melanie Fennell, University of Oxford
“Learning is not a spectator sport” (anon). Is it true that Experience is Essential for the Effective Acquisition of Knowledge and Skill?"
Professor Michelle Craske, University of Calafornia, Los Angeles
New ways to Optimise Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders