Optimizing Exposure Therapy for Anxiety
Presenter: Michelle Craske, University of California, Los Angeles
Suicide Risk Assessment: From Theory to Practice
Presenter: Stephen Briggs, University of East London

Utilising CBT Techniques in Practice with Clients with a Long term Condition who Experience Depression and/or Anxiety
Presenter: Simon Reay, Gateshead and South Tyneside IAPT Service

Disentangling Obsessions, Compulsions and Repetitions in People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presenter: Ailsa Russell, University of Bath
Cultivating Openness and Acceptance: Working with Difficult Emotions in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
Presenter: Thorsten Barnhofer, Freie Universitaet Berlin.

Creating Lean, Mean Fighting Machines: Low-Intensity Services in the age of Austerity
Presenter: Jim White, STEPS, Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS

Cognitively Informed Behavioural Psychotherapy for People with Asperger’s Syndrome
Presenter: Dougal Hare, University of Manchester
Improving your Chances of Getting your Submissions accepted for presentation at BABCP Conferences
Presenter: Glenn Waller, University of Sheffield and Roz Shafran, University of Reading

Managing Endings with Complex Cases: A CBT Approach
Presenter: Andrew Eagle and Michael Worrell, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust
Behavioural Couples Therapy for Drug Abuse and Alcoholism
Presenter: Andre Geel,  Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
Accessing and Incorporating Client’s Strengths in Case Conceptualisation
Presenter: Rob Dudley, University of Newcastle

Metacognition-Oriented Social Skills Training for social recovery of individuals with schizophrenia
Presenter: Manuela Pasinetti, Center for Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy in Rome, Italy

Helping Those Who Binge Eat
Presenter: Christopher Fairburn, University of Oxford