Professor Pim Cuijpers, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Four decades of outcome research on psychotherapies for adult depression: What’s next?

Professor Ronan O Carroll, University of Stirling
“Keep taking the pills” - intervening to improve adherence to medication.

Dr Lusia Stopa, Southampton University
Mirrors of the mind: How imagery reveals the self.

Dr Ailsa Russell, University of Bath
Adapting CBT for people with autism spectrum disorders: The known and the unknown.

Professor Michelle Moulds, University of New South Wales, Australia
Rumination and Memory in Depression.

Professor Tony Kendrick, Southampton University
How can we improve the GP management of mental health problems?

Professor Sue Spence, Griffith University, Australia
Preventing depression in adolescents: Challenges and successes.

Professor Max Birchwood, University of Warwick
Does CBT for psychosis have a future?

Professor Mike Kyrios, Australian National University, Australia
Developments in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder: From the internet to the self.

Professor Ulrike Schmidt, King’s College, London
Unravelling the enigma of anorexia nervosa: Novel developments in understanding and treatment.

Professor Steve Jones, Lancaster University
Can psychological therapies really help people living with bipolar disorder? A consideration of progress in research and challenges in implementation.

Professor Rob DeRubeis, University of Pennslyvania, USA
Getting the most out of investigations of therapeutic processes and outcomes: Implications for clinical guidelines and evidence-based personalized clinical practice.

Professor Cory Newman, University of Pennslyvania, USA
Becoming a virtuoso in CBT: Learning and interpreting the ‘score,’ combining fidelity with artistry, and knowing and connecting with your ‘audience’.

Professor Tracey Wade, Flinders University, Australia
The status of prevention programmes for psychopathology.