Live Interactive Webcasts

The webcast option is an interactive platform that allows you to view the workshop live, as well as having access to the recording for up to a minimum of 28 days following.

To access the webcast, you do not need any specialist software, just a good internet connection and a personal email address to act as your log-in. You can access the webcast on any device, such as a laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

You will be given access to the platform 2 days prior to the workshop for you to practice logging in so that you are familiar with the set up on the day. An experienced administrator will be on hand if you have any difficulties.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter in real time and you will be able to leave comments throughout the workshops and connect with other webcast participants. If you are unable to watch the workshop ‘live’ that’s fine and you will still be able to access the recording and slides, for up to 28 days, at a time convenient for you.

Certificates will be awarded in the same way that they are for participants attending on-site and course material is also available for download from the platform.


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