Core Professions

Core Professions

We welcome people from many backgrounds and different experiences to apply for BABCP Accreditation.

To apply, you must meet our criteria for CBT training and also have a BABCP-recognised professional background in mental health or related areas. This means having a Core Profession that we recognise.

Core Professions List

Demonstrating Equivalence to Core Profession

If you don’t have a Core Profession, or your profession isn’t on the list, you must instead complete a portfolio of evidence to show that you have equivalent training and experience. This is known as the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes portfolio (KSA).

Minimum period of Core Professional Experience

Once you have your Core Professional qualification or KSA equivalent, you must have at least 12 months’ experience of working in a mental health or relevant social care role whilst accountable to a senior clinician in that area.

Evidence of your Qualification

You must provide evidence of meeting the Core Professional qualifications, whether they are current or lapsed. This can be certificates or PIN or membership numbers for professional bodies.

Maintaining your Core Professional Registration

Once our criteria for professional qualification and experience are met, we don’t require you to continue registration with your professional body.

You must let us know if your registration ended due to a disciplinary process

Overseas Core Professional Training

This section of our Practitioner Accreditation FAQs will help you work out which route to take if your core professional training was overseas.

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