Knowledge Skills and Attitudes

Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes (KSA)

The Equivalent to Core Profession

We welcome people from many backgrounds and different experiences to apply for BABCP Accreditation.

To apply, you must meet our criteria for CBT training and also have a BABCP-recognised professional background in mental health or related areas. This means having a Core Profession or equivalent that we recognise.

If you don’t have a Core Profession, you must complete a portfolio of evidence to show that you have equivalent training and experience in these fields. This is known as the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) route.

Your total relevant training must be at least four years. This will be the length of your core professional or KSA equivalent training, plus the duration of your CBT course.  If you did a degree in an unrelated subject, this cannot be counted in this calculation.  

Every KSA and Core Professional applicant must also apply for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist Accreditation to become accredited.

Full and Condensed KSA Portfolios

A KSA portfolio has a number of criteria which demonstrate training and experience in a mental health or related background. These criteria must all be met by every applicant.

Professions eligible for a Condensed Portfolio

Professions requiring a full KSA portfolio

KSA Guidelines

Please follow this link for guidance on how to assemble and submit your Portfolio.

KSA Guidelines 

Assessment and Fees for KSA Portfolios

  • Your KSA portfolio will be assessed alongside your accreditation application
  • If your KSA portfolio has already been assessed and marked during one of our accredited CBT programmes, you will not need to submit your portfolio to us.
  • Please check our Accreditation Fees page. Every applicant for accreditation has to pay the Practitioner Accreditation fee. If we are assessing your KSA portfolio, the fee for this must also be paid.
  • The flowchart below shows the different ways that your portfolio can be assessed and the fee to be paid 
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