Level 2 Provisional Accreditation

Provisional Accreditation

For graduates of BABCP Level 2 Accredited Training Courses

If you are a graduate of a BABCP Level 2 accredited training course, you will have met all of our Minimum Training Standards. There is no time limit for applying after you graduate.

To become accredited, you must complete and pay for the Level 2 application below. If your submission is successful, you will be added to the CBT Register UK as an accredited CBT Practitioner

If you have completed a course which was not accredited at Level 2 when you graduated, please see here.


You must 

  • have BABCP membership
  • submit the application form with confirmation of passing a Level 2 course (see below). 
  • provide evidence of meeting core profession or KSA requirements
  • have experience of professional accountability for at least 12 months to a senior mental health professional after you completed your core profession or KSA equivalent.
  • pay the correct fee. Details of when and how to pay are on our Accreditation Fees page

When can I apply? 

You must wait until you have acceptable evidence of course completion until you apply – see the next section. 

There is no limit for application after graduation. However, if you graduated more than five years ago and have never been accredited with us, you must provide a completed Return to Practice Supplement and a Professional Reference with your application. This applies even if you have been in practice during this period.  

Please click here for further details.

Evidence of Level 2 Course Completion

If you graduated before 2017, please provide a scan of your certificate.

If you graduated after 2017 there are three ways that you can confirm that you completed the course successfully.

  1. Provide a scan of your Certificate
  2. Provide an Exam Board Ratification Letter
  3. Be included on the ‘pass list’ provided by the course - your course will provide us with a  pass list of graduates’ names following the External Examination Board each year. Please only apply for accreditation after the course has confirmed to you that they have sent us the list with your name included.

Please note that we are unable to accept transcripts of modules passed or letters from Course Directors.

Application Forms and Guidelines

Please check the list of Level 2 courses to ensure that your course was accredited when you graduated.

If you have graduated from a course other than one of our Level 2 accredited courses, click here.

An additional admin fee may be charged if you submit your application on the wrong form.

Please consult our Guidelines documents throughout your application.

Provisional Accreditation Application Form for Level 2 Graduates [Word]

Provisional Accreditation Guidelines for Level 2 Graduates [PDF]

Instructions for submission

These instructions will tell you how to submit your application and supporting documents.

Level 2 Provisional Accreditation - Online Document Submission Instructions

What does Provisional Accreditation mean?

  • Provisional Accreditation is awarded for a period of 12 months. After this, you must submit an application for Full Accreditation, which asks you to provide evidence that you have continued to meet accreditation requirements. Your award email includes the date you must apply.
  • Once you have Provisional Accreditation, you are accredited and you name will appear on the CBT Register UK and Ireland. There is no difference in status between Provisional and Full accreditation. The term Provisional accreditation means that you are in the first year of your accreditation or have recently been reinstated to the Register.
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